Plugins are something we all use in our website to enhance its look and feel, to make our blogs look more beautiful. But when it comes to creating an E-commerce website through WordPress, then what can we do to display our products? How to manage our different blocks? Well it is all easily possible with the help of a very popular WordPress plugin called WooCommerce.


What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin available on WordPress for making an E-commerce website. The plugin is mainly responsible and helpful in creating products, coupons, sales, etc. All these thing when created wholly by oneself might look complex as one has to create products, customise them, add coupons, etc. But this plugin solves all your problems by providing direct features such as products and coupons for your website.

How to install WooCommerce?

Just go to Plugins > Add new and search WooCommerce in the search bar. Just click on install and the WooCommerce plugin will be available to your website as an extended feature.


woocommerce capture



Now to create a product through WooCommerce, just go to Products > Add new  create your product by providing it a title, some images, description, and price.

You can create various types of products but the most common are simple and variable products. A simple product is one whose price range or description doesn’t change according to its attributes whereas in case of a variable product, they do.


Products WooCommerce

Simple Product

Variable Product WooCommerce

Variable Product


Similarly you can also create coupons by going to WooCommerce > Coupons. Give it a brief description, a title and customise it according to your wish.


Coupons WooCommerce


Add an appropriate theme for your E-commerce website. Moreover, You can also add some other plugins which complement WooCommerce like Elementor. It helps you expand your customisation as well as improve your website designs.

So in the end, my review of WordPress will be much more on the positive side, as i do not see any problem with the plugin. It greatly enriches your website with your needs as well as provides a great platform to create a perfect e-commerce website.

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