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One major feature of WordPress is its use in blogging. WordPress provides numerous themes and plugins for bloggers of any kind. Thus, it is highly recognised for its attractive and well structured themes. You can easily find beautiful blogs related to food, travel, music, etc. available on the web which have been developed through WordPress and are being maintained easily.

How WordPress is useful in creating a Blog?

Creating a blog using WordPress is way more easy than creating any other website. As WordPress doesn’t require any technical skills from the user to develop a website, individuals of any background find it really easy to create blogs of their interests.

Blogs usually contain posts which have related content and images, feedback or contact forms, etc. which are readily available in WordPress. You can add as much as posts as you like in WordPress, you can also order them as per your need. Moreover, one can also display his/her recent blog posts on the homepage which will attract more visitors.
You can directly add/edit/delete posts, add media to your blog.

To make your blog look attractive and appealing, you can select a theme that looks appropriate with your blog. A wide range of blog themes are available in WordPress, as a beginner you can begin with the twenty seventeen theme.

Install the themes and plugins you need for your blog wisely and customise them accordingly.

Happy Blogging!

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