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Theme my login is a WordPress plugin which is used to provide a better feel and look to your login page. It makes your login/register page have the same look, just like the rest of your website.


logo of theme my login plugin

Why is it important?

Before we reach the answer to this question, ever wondered how unprofessional your website will look without any customised login page? Will it be a good option to have your website login page with a WordPress logo on it? Never.

So the answer to your question just lies in the questions i just asked. You basically will need a login/register page which not only enriches your website look but completes it in all ways as well. A visitor while registering on your website, should be encountered with an appropriate login page, which looks appropriate for your website as well as adds more value to it.

You can download the plugin from here.


As per my review, it is a useful as well as a unique plugin in the WordPress plugin inventory. It has given more simplicity to a WordPress developer for creating a login/register page as per his/her choice. What sets it beautifully apart is its ability to adapt accordingly to the rest of the website, completing your website as a whole.

Key advantages:

  1. Easy to adapt and use.
  2. Flexible with the website’s theme.
  3. Easy to maintain.
  4. No extra customisation required.
  5. Completes the website as a whole.

In my honest opinion, for a beginner in WordPress it can be one of the major smart changes you can make to your website.

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