Now as you’re quite a bit familiar with the basics of WordPress, let’s move on to the next step!

Because of the wide options available in WordPress, you can now create as well as maintain e-commerce websites through WordPress. It is just as easy as creating any other website, just requires a bit of additional plugins and themes.

What is an E-Commerce website?

An E-Commerce website is an online platform where a person/organisation can buy/sell products online. It has 3 types like Business-to-Business, Business-to-Customer and Customer-to-Customer. You might be familiar with large e-commerce organisations such as Amazon and Flipkart which are some successful examples of e-commerce website.

How can you develop an E-Commerce website through WordPress?

There are large number of themes and plugins available for e-commerce on WordPress. As a beginner, you can start with one very popular theme WooCommerce which also provides various WooPlugins to your website.

To install the theme to your WordPress website, just go to Appearance > Themes. 

After this, click on the Add new button and search the WooCommerce theme in the search bar. Then just install and activate the plugin.

Similarly, you can install the related plugins for your website, the installation process of which i’ve already explained in my previous posts. WordPress provides you all the necessary e-commerce features which are easily customisable.

Customise your website as per your need, add/remove products, add sale/discounts, update inventory, etc., make sure you make it look attractive to attract more customers to your products and your website is all set to go!

Remember to add a payment gateway in case you want to include online payment, else you can always opt for cash on delivery.

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