One great feature of WordPress is the use of RSS feed plugins. Through these plugins, you can add posts to your site that are available on some other website or link.

RSS – Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is basically an XML-based content format that is helpful in updating the user on various contents of their favorite websites.

How does it help you?

Well it saves both your time and effort from writing the same content that is available on some other website. For example, writing a post on news which has already been published on some other website. So in such a case, you can directly copy the link of the post that was posted on some website and use that link in your RSS feed plugin. You can also extract images, videos, etc. from that website and copy it into your site.

Here i’ll show you step by step how to install an RSS feed plugin in your WordPress and how to use it.

Step 1: Download any available RSS feed plugin from either WordPress or from the plugin’s original website. Here i’ll be using the RSS autopilot plugin. You can download it from .

Step 2: Now upload the plugin into your WordPress by going to Plugins > Add new .



Step 3: Now just upload the plugin and activate it.

Step 4: Now go the uploaded plugin available in your dashboard and upload the feed link of the website whose content you want to display in your website. After everything done, Your website will look something like this:



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