WordPress is widely known for its various responsive themes and plugins. As a beginner, well it was not easy to understand this concept, but once i got to know about a few of them, it was then like the most easiest thing in this web designing world.


So What are WordPress Themes and Plugins?


A WordPress theme is a basically a collection of files(template files) that all together provide all of the front end styling of a website. In a more general approach, you can also regard it as a “skin” but it provides much more to your website than just a skin.



A WordPress plugin on the other hand, is a software having various different functions which adds to the improved functionality of your website as well as adds new features to your website. The WordPress plugins allow the designer to modify the website according to his needs.



There are numerous free as well as some premium themes and plugins available on WordPress which can be used according to your need. These themes provide a unique display to your website as well as allow you to customise them as per your requirements.

Some themes and plugins for beginners:

For blogs, you can use the twenty fifteen theme while for e-commerce sites you can use the WooCommerce theme.

Now coming to the plugin part, thousands of plugins are available for various needs such as for setting order, for removing a title, for migration of files, for setting up a contact page, etc. Here are some plugin suggestions for beginners:

Contact Form7 plugin for setting up a contact page, All in one plugin for migration of files, Category order and taxonomy order for changing the order of a category.

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