There are various customisation techniques available in WordPress which are quite simple and easy to manage. You can do so by going to appearance > customise.


Why do we need Customisation in WordPress?


In the customise menu, you can add a logo to your website, change the header and footer of your website, add/remove widgets to/from your pages, etc. The various widgets like search, categories, recent posts, calendar, clock, etc. play as an important part in the presentation of a website and should be used wisely.


Now as a beginner, it might seem to be a lot of work but actually it is the simplest thing to do to make your website more beautiful and presentable. Various plugins come with various customisation techniques. The site identity is one of the most important part of customisation as you can provide a logo, site title as well as a site image to your home page with the help of it.


Also to change some features of your website, you don’t need to separately visit each option, you can simply click on the pencil(or shift-click a text) button just appearing next to it and change the content of that feature(mainly title).



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