After you successfully install and login to your wordpress account, you’ll see a dashboard.

The dashboard of WordPress has many pre-embedded features such as media, posts, pages, appearance, etc. You can add/delete posts and pages as well as customise your content through these features.


Here are some basic features of WordPress:


  • Posts: You can add content to your site through the post section. It can be used to add any recent update or providing any information regarding anything having a title and its content including pictures. For e.g. the current thing that you’re reading is a post. It contains content as well as title as you can see.


  • Media: This section is used to add media to your site which can be used in various pages and posts. In this post, the media is the picture i have used in the beginning of this post. Similarly, i can even add media to pages which helps the user give an attractive touch to his website.


  • Pages: In this section, you can add pages to your website. These pages can be displayed in the header as well as in the footer menu. Pages play a vital role in your website and help a reader visit the contents of your website with much feasibility. Generally, a website contains various basic pages such as Home, Career, Blog, Contact, etc.


  • Settings: Through settings, you can choose the front page of your website, the time zone and many other similar features. This feature helps you change the reading format of your website i.e. how one will read your website online. It also helps you edit the writing format similarly. You can also choose what type of links do you want for your website.


  • Users: This section of the dashboard is used to maintain the database of users. It allows you to choose whether you want to allow any user registration on your site or not.


  • Tools: The tool section of the dashboard helps you import/export files to your website. It is generally helpful while getting your website live through a live hosting server.


  • Comments: Comments are basically the reviews or suggestions that people provide to your pages/posts. It is entirely upto the developer whether he wants to display any comment on his website or not. It is an important feature as it helps the user improve his website through the various suggestions and reviews provided by the viewers.

Just as these features, there are many others which you can learn with time which hold great importance in designing your website.


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